December 23rd, 2012

Whether you’re already organising an escape and checking out the ski holiday deals that are present online, or you’re merely considering the concept of escaping the rat race this winter, it’s always beneficial to have a list of essentials you need to ensure that you are completely prepared for your getaway.

Unlike summer holidays, the shopping list for a winter activity break in the USA or booking any of the fitness holidays Europe provides can often appear endless. Preparing for all eventualities, wrapping up warm and protecting yourself from the elements can rack up the costs before you even head for the departure lounge.

A lot of products on the market aren’t necessarily as essential as the advertising suggests. Fancy creams, top of the range accessories and cool alternatives to the basic requirements are often pointless, meaning you could reduce your shopping list tenfold and make your skiing holiday as affordable as possible.

  • Ski Pants & Jacket
  • Thermal Basewear
  • Warm Hat/Woollen Headband
  • Goggles
  • Comfortable, Warm Socks
  • Waterproof/Thermal Gloves
  • Snow Boots/Shoes
  • Sun Protection

There are plenty of affordable options on the market to choose from. If you are willing to splash the cash and aren’t quite as frugal as others, you could opt for the more expensive choices. However, it doesn’t always mean quality, so be sure to research various products before you buy.

Reputable stores, such as Trespass, Snow and Rock and SnowTogs offer an excellent range of attire, to suit all budgets and you could be lucky enough to grab a bargain during their sale seasons.

If you are a ski virgin and haven’t tested your alpine legs before, try to borrow as much as possible, just in case snow capped mountains aren’t your forte, or grab a few bargains on discount and auction sites to avoid the costs.

You might want to consider using the Gatwick Airport Parking for a more convenient move around town.

October 10th, 2012

Most populous and second largest city in Spain, Barcelona holds its place among popular travel destinations in the world today. This city is located on the Mediterranean coast and due to its popularity and contribution in arts, finance, entertainment, media and commerce; it is recognized as one of the global cities. Located on a plateau facing the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of a peninsula, Barcelona accounts for wide popularity geographically and also in terms of climatic conditions perfect for  weekends activities.

There are many popular tourist attractions that make Barcelona list in the world’s top few travel destinations. Sagrada Familia built by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi is marked among the topmost place visited quite often by the tourists from all over the world. It is a giant temple and its construction started way long back in 1882. The famous L’ Aquarium is one among the largest aquariums tourists throng to visit Barcelona. Poble Espanyol is a small Spanish village and the architecture and the design work amaze many people. People both domestically and from overseas visit this place to have a look of the architecture and the man-made craftwork. Many traditionally made Spanish goods are placed in the workshops and specially designed craft shops in this small pleasant village of Barcelona.

Barcelona has its own popularity in the entertainment and arts field too. Barcelona FC Museum is the most famous museums today in the world. This museum hosts many statues of great and famed men and the wall-to-wall trophies and pictures are a must-see. Picasso Museum is another such famous museum where all the paintings of Picasso are arranged in chronological order. This famous art gallery makes the tourists spend long hours in front of the paintings thinking and discussing about the ideas and the views Picasso used to get and the distinctive designs each painting is famous for. Miro Museum and National Museum of Art of Catalunya are also among other famous museums in Barcelona today. Apart from the museums, Barcelona zoo is another popular travel destination for the entire family where kids have a great time spending in the parks, restaurants and picnic areas in the zoo. There are many other entertainments and leisure games that can kill the time of any family that visits the Barcelona famous zoo.

Barcelona also has a well-developed education system on the higher end in its public universities. There are many well-renowned teaching and research development centers in the universities and campuses around the city of Barcelona.

Sports, especially football, holds the highest place Barcelona accounts for, in its wide range of cultural and entertainment field. Barcelona has one of the best known football team in the world today and also is a home for two huge five-star rated football stadiums in the world. The largest football stadium in the Europe is in Barcelona and more than 90% of the citizens of Barcelona are die-hard fans for their team in this sporting event. Millions of people visit these football stadiums when it hosts any international football matches.

This is how Barcelona stands apart from other tourist destinations in its own and unique way.

September 5th, 2012

The Thomson Dream is among the largest and most impressive commercial ships currently cruising the open waves. She is a sight to behold from dry land and an incredibly [...] Continue Reading…